FRIED ZUCCHINI An old family recipe from The Main Hotel! Long, thin strips of zucchini hand-breaded and fried to a crispy golden brown . Served with spaghetti sauce, or have our homemade horsey sauce for an extra 50¢ $10.95

FRIED MUSHROOMS Served with horseradish sauce $6.95

SMOTHERED FRIES Covered in cheese and bacon. Served with ranch $8.95

MOZZARELLA CHEESE STICKS Served with spaghetti sauce $6.95

MEATBALL VOLCANO Meatballs served in a homemade bread bowl and slathered with our homemade spaghetti sauce, Mozzarella cheese and topped with pepper rings $9 .95

STUFFED HOT PEPPERS Banana peppers lovingly stuffed with sausage and topped with sauce and Mozzarella cheese $9.95

CLASSIC POTATO SKINS Topped with cheese and bacon and served with sour cream $7.95

SEAFOOD SKINS Potato skins topped with a medley of seafood, our spicy diablo sauce and cheese. Served with sour cream for dipping $9.95

POPCORN SHRIMP AND FRIES Served with cocktail sauce for dipping $8.95

CHICKEN NACHOS Nacho chips served warm, covered with chunks of grilled chicken, black olives, fresh tomatoes, red onion, jalapenos and cheese. Comes with sour cream and salsa $10.95

CHEESE NACHOS Tortilla chips, nacho cheese sauce and jalapenos $5 .95

QUESADILLAS Get them one of three ways. Served with sour cream and salsa

Steak– Stuffed with steak, mushrooms, and cheese $10.95

Chicken- Delicious with a chicken and cheese filling $ 10 .95

Veggie – Mushrooms , onion, red and green peppers & cheese $8.95

HOT SKINS Served with chicken, jalapenos, and siracha ranch $7.95

PRETZELS With cheese sauce $7.95

JALAPENO PEPPER CHEESE BALLS Served with ranch $7.95

MISSY’S BUFFALO  CHICKEN  DIP Creamy,  spicy and  yummy. A picnic favorite that is veraddictive. Served with tortilla chips $8 .95

FLAVORED HUMMUS Ask your server what the flavor is today. Served with pita chips and tortilla chips $8.95