What’s Happening July 9-15

Monday 7/9 – Hot Roast Beef on Special

Tuesday 7/10 – Deck opens at 5:00. Stuffed Green Peppers on special

Wednesday 7/11 – Deck opens at 5:00; $5 Long Islands 9-midnight

Thursday 7/12 – Deck opens at 5:00; Lasagna on special, Karaoke at 9:30

Friday 7/13 – Fish on a dish and fish parm on special.  DJ at 9:30

Saturday 7/14 – Plan B at 8:30 outside (weather permitting…9:30 if inside)

Sunday 7/15 – Late night happy hour 10-midnight

What’s happening July 2-8, 2018

Here’s what’s going on this week:

Monday July 2 – Hot roast beef on special.  As usual, the deck is closed on Mondays

Tuesday July 3 – Stuffed green peppers on special along with $3.50 Captain Morgans. Deck is open Tues-Saturday except for the holiday

Wednesday July 4 – We are closed for the holiday.  Stay safe!

Thursday July 5 – Chicken pot pie for dinner. Karaoke with Aaron on the deck.

Friday July 6 – DJ on the deck (weather permitting)

Saturday July 7 – Music from Gone South at 8:30 on the deck (weather permitting.  9:30 if inside)

Sunday July 8 – Late night happy hour from 10-midnight.

Have a great week!

The Deck Is Open!

Our outside deck is open for the season! It opens at 5:00 Tuesday thru Saturday. Here’s to another great year!