What’s Happening July 9-15

Monday 7/9 – Hot Roast Beef on Special

Tuesday 7/10 – Deck opens at 5:00. Stuffed Green Peppers on special

Wednesday 7/11 – Deck opens at 5:00; $5 Long Islands 9-midnight

Thursday 7/12 – Deck opens at 5:00; Lasagna on special, Karaoke at 9:30

Friday 7/13 – Fish on a dish and fish parm on special.  DJ at 9:30

Saturday 7/14 – Plan B at 8:30 outside (weather permitting…9:30 if inside)

Sunday 7/15 – Late night happy hour 10-midnight

What’s happening July 2-8, 2018

Here’s what’s going on this week:

Monday July 2 – Hot roast beef on special.  As usual, the deck is closed on Mondays

Tuesday July 3 – Stuffed green peppers on special along with $3.50 Captain Morgans. Deck is open Tues-Saturday except for the holiday

Wednesday July 4 – We are closed for the holiday.  Stay safe!

Thursday July 5 – Chicken pot pie for dinner. Karaoke with Aaron on the deck.

Friday July 6 – DJ on the deck (weather permitting)

Saturday July 7 – Music from Gone South at 8:30 on the deck (weather permitting.  9:30 if inside)

Sunday July 8 – Late night happy hour from 10-midnight.

Have a great week!

New Karaoke!!!

We are going to try some karaoke again. To start, we will have Karaoke on the first and last Thursday of every month. Let’s see how it goes. Aaron from The Lava Game will be hosting. Clear the frogs out of your throat and gather up some courage. Our first Thursday karaoke is May 25, 2017. Hope to see you there!