Downey’s House opened in on May 27, 2008.  Owning a bar and restaurant had always been a dream of the owners, and they’re enjoying every (well, ALMOST every) minute of it.  Although it has taken lots of hard work, tons of support from staff and family, we hope to keep good food, good service and a good time to all guests at Downey’s House.

Tony Downey was born and raised in Carnegie.  The youngest of eight children, he had an interesting childhood, to say the least.  Tony started working in restaurants when he was just 15.  He worked at the Red Bull Inn in Carnegie, and then later at  Red Hots Cafe.  He has also worked as a loan specialist for different mortgage brokers and as a Budweiser Rep for Deblasio Beverage.  Most recently, Tony has worked as a bartender at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Airport.  He’s been there for seven years and has created quite a following.   Tony not only is an owner, but is acting as the General Manager of Downey’s House.

His wife Heather has also worked in restaurants.  From TGI Fridays in the Pittsburgh Airport to Applebee’s and the North Park Clubhouse.  Heather is the book keeper, web designer, and all around office girl.

Joe Downey is Tony’s brother.  He’s number 5 out of the 8 kids.  Joe and Tony are the only two brothers.  Joe spent a lot of time in the kitchen of the Main Hotel in Carnegie.  He’s no stranger to a crazy kitchen, and that’s where he spends most of his time at Downey’s House.

Anita Makecki, Joe’s wife, used to manage the Main Hotel.  She’s the ultimate restaurant worker.  Managing, waiting tables, cooking, bartending…you name it, she can do it.  She has also put her mother to work in the kitchen, bringing back some of those great recipes from the Main Hotel.

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